Interview with strength & conditioning coach and sports scientist Mladen Jovanovic

Today I’m interviewing my friend Mladen Jovanovic from www.ComplementaryTraining.net which is a website dedicated to high performance physical preparation and sports science. Mladen is one of the best people in this field that I know (if not the best), and today’s interview will focus mostly on strength & conditioning for MMA.

The interview is divided into 8 sections for easier reference

Part 1 – About ComplementaryTraining.net, Strenght & Conditioning Software And His Martial Arts Experience.

Here he describes how his website helps strength & conditioning coaches and sports scientists, the software he made and his martial arts experience.

Part 2 – Can Data Analysis And FMS Test Predict Injuries And Improve Training?

Data analysis is becoming more and more popular in high paying team sports and here Mladen answers if it can help predict injuries and improve training. We also discuss the FMS test.

Part 3 – On The Differences Between Team Sports And MMA Physical Preparation + “Skin In The Game” Concept.

Mladen outlines the differences and similarities between team sports and MMA physical preparation + “skin in the game” concept.

Part 4 – Strength & Conditioning Plan For An MMA Fighter + “Via Negativa”.

Mladen explains how he would go about planning and implementing a strength & conditioning plan for an MMA fighter. He also explains the “via negativa” concept.

Part 5 – Who Should Be In Charge – The Main MMA Coach Or The Conditioning Coach?

Mladen gives his opinion on who should be in charge of the overall training program – the main MMA coach or the conditioning coach. He also discusses the role of a performance manager in team sports.

Part 6 – When Should Young Fighters Start With Strength & Conditioning?

Here he answers when should a young fighters and athletes start with strength & conditioning.

Part 7 – Adapting The Strength & Conditioning Plan To Short Notice Fights + Agile Periodization & MVP Concept.

Mladen explains how to adapt the strength & conditioning plan to short notice fights. He also explains what agile periodization is as well as MVP (Minimum Viable Product/Performance) concept.

Part 8 – On Crossfit For MMA Fighters, As A Recreation And As A Sport + Plans For ComplementaryTraining.net.

Here Mladen gives us his opinion on crossfit for MMA fighters, crossfit for recreation and crossfit as a sport. He also talks about the future plans for ComplementaryTraining.net

To find out more about Mladen and the work that he does, check out these links:

Become a member of Complimentary Training:
His software (products): http://complementarytraining.net/online-store/

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