Grow Your MMA Skills With Expert Advice

If you’d like me to help you with your MMA training, there are three options:

1. Invest in one of my instructionals.

Check out our store where you can find MMA instructionals dealing with various MMA segments.

By purchasing any of my instructionals, you get a FREE 30-minute online MMA consultation ($100 worth) which you can book below.

2. Book a 1-hour consultation with me.

You can book a one-hour Skype or Zoom consultation with me where I can assess your technique, comment on your fights, and make a custom training plan. I will help you define and reach your MMA goals.

Price: $200/hour.

3. Online coaching.

I’ll be your personal online MMA coach. Send me videos of your fights, training, and sparring, and I will take a deep dive into your technique and correct what needs correcting. I will tell you what is good and what and how you should improve.

We will exchange WhatsUp/Telegram videos and I will direct your training the right way, which will result in your MASSIVE improvement.

Price: $250/month

Here is more info about online coaching:

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