Would you like to improve your MMA game by leaps and bounds by getting coached and mentored online personally by me?

If so read on, because I'll tell you how I can help you grow your MMA skills, your fitness level and reach your MMA potential with 1 on 1 training.

Online MMA coaching with Mark Lajhner

Why online personal MMA training?

I've lost count of the clients I've trained over the years and whom I've helped achieve their goals. Many more inquire about training them, and people even travel from far away countries to be coached by me for a few weeks.

While I'm flattered to see a comments like these on Youtube, I'm also saddened that I cannot directly help people not living in my city.

Online MMA training
Online MMA training
Online MMA training
Online MMA training

Not anymore.

While I did reach millions via Youtube and my instructionals, and helped them improve their MMA game, now I will take it a step further and offer you a personalized MMA training program tailored to your specific needs. 

Yes, I will work with you personally online to guarantee your accelerated development.

We will start were you are now, and work from there.

Training VS personal mentoring/coaching

If you're wondering why you would benefit from this program since you're already training, the reason is simple:

I've done martial arts for over 28 years now, both as a competitor and as a coach, which means I can see exactly what you need to improve and hone in on that.

You can supplement your existing training with mentoring from me and improve beyond what you thought was possible.

Surgically precise feedback

A few days ago I was coaching one of my students on how to set up the triangle choke, and immediately saw that he had a redundant move which was making his setup less effective. 

His comment was: "you see everything".

To which I replied with a Sherlock Holmes quote (another one coming up further down the text):

Sherlock Holmes: I see everything

I didn't tell you this to brag, but illustrate a point which is that details are important, and the you need an experienced and observant coach to help you progress faster. 

Here is what the program includes:

Initial evaluation

You will record the video telling me about your goals, what you want to work on the most, and you will also film yourself doing techniques in the area where you think you need help. Then I will critique your technique and make a custom training program for you.

Weekly assesment

You will send me a video of your progress once a week for me to see and correct if necessary. Then I will determine if anything needs to be corrected or added. Then we proceed with the program. You can ask me anything together with shooting the video about your training progress. I will then send you either the footage from my instructionals, shoot a custom video, or both, of what you need to do. You will get ONLY what you need to work on which is what ensures the fastest progress possible.

Training structure

I will teach you how to structure the training so you get the most out of it. 

Progress at your own pace

It is up to you if you will train every day, 3 times a week or less. Although I suggest at least 3 times a week. I'm here to guide you and gradually make you better.

Training when it suits you

Since we are most likely living in different time zones, and we are both busy, this personalized but asymmetric (not in real time) approach is perfect for both of us. You'll ask questions, send me videos of your progress, and I will respond with a video.

A guide to shooting and sending videos

It will take a little work from you in terms of shooting and sending videos, and I will show you how you can do it easily. You don't need to use a camera (unless you want to). Your phone will do, and I'll teach you how to do it very easily and so it looks good and clear since I need to see what you're doing.

A monthly recap of your progress

After a month of training, you will get my assessment of your progress and a plan for the next phase.

I will help you "skip over the holes I fell into", as my father likes to put it. One thing that changed my martial arts life forever was that I've met a real MMA coach. That was a game changer. 

I want to do the same for you

Since I'm new at this online personal training thing, I want to start small and will only accept 5 clients and see how it goes. We will start on 4th of October and the first five people that apply and purchase will get in.

The price is $250/month now, but it will most likely go up soon after the I test this with the first clients.

If you are that guy, then listen up

I wish I had a mentor when I was younger. It could have saved me a lot of injuries, surgeries, years of rehab, heartache and depression.

I had to suffer brutally through training, but you don’t have to. I’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars on my travels, on coaches, and on medical bills. I’ve broken multiple bones, tore ligaments, had my face re-arranged by a knee and undergone multiple surgeries. Most of that that could have been avoided if I had someone to show me how to approach fighting the right way.

Right after my second elbow surgery. I've also had 3 knee surgeries and many other serious injuries that could have been avoided if I had a trusted mentor.

Don't apply for this program if :

You don't have a partner to practice with, or basic equipment.

Whether you'll practice before/after your regular training in a martial arts gym, or you're doing it home/in a garage/backyard/basement, you need someone to practice with.

If you want to learn grappling/wrestling techniques you need mats too. They don't have to be expensive nor do you need a lot of them. But you do need them. Puzzle interlocking mats are probably the cheapest.

A pair of boxing pads, a heavy bag and Muay Thai pads would be nice to have. You can just start with boxing pads, and if you don't have them, you can hit the gloves (12 -14 oz gloves are a must) of your partner.

You are tech averse.

Don't worry, I will not make you write code or anything complicated. 🙂

You will need to film yourself from time to time, and send me the footage. That will be easy with a few tips I'll share. If you don't share your videos, I don't know what you need to work on.

As Sherlock Holmes says: "Data, data, data. I cannot make bricks without clay."

You don't want to put in the work.

Maybe you like the idea of being personally coached, but will you actually do what's in your program? Maybe you're curious and want to see what’s this coaching program is all about. Education without implementation is entertainment. You have Netflix for that.

If you're one of those people that likes to purchase books/instructionals and never go through them, please don't waste my time. I only want to work with serious people that will do the work, and send me their progress regularly so I can direct their training.

Who is this program for ?

MMA enthusiasts

One of the myths of MMA is that it can only be trained by young hot shot competitors, and that it's not for others. Wrong! I've had people over 40 and 50 years old training with me and improving. 

Regardless of your age, the training is tailored to your needs, abilities and you will progress at your own pace.


If you're an MMA coach and would like to improve your knowledge with the latest training methodologies, this program is for you. It is also for people that might coach a different martial art and want to get into MMA coaching. 

Competitors and up and coming competitors

If you feel like you want to get an unfair knowledge advantage on your competition, improve in all aspects (or just the ones you choose) of MMA, I can help you. 

Knowledge is power, or rather "applied knowledge is power". I'm all about implementation and will help you with techniques, drills and mindset.

To use the quote from the Matrix:

“You take the blue pill—the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill—you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.” - Morpheus

How much do you have to invest?

I have done martial arts for over 28 years and spent over $55.000 in order to get this knowledge. It's not just a result of me sparing no expenses, traveling all over the world and learning from the best coaches and fighters. That's just a part of it. I also tested everything in the hardest competitive environment, often times gotten hurt, tested again and refined the system. To say it was hard would be an understatement.

After MMA sparring at Lloyd Irvin's academy in Maryland

Ground & pound from side control during my last fight

I've bled for this knowledge, had five surgeries, my face rearranged (my nose was broken and ended up on one side of my face), muscles on the left side of my body stopped working almost entirely due to nerve damage, and I also had many other injuries. My friends call me “extremist”, but that’s just me. I needed to test everything and left no stone unturned. The cost was high and I learned the hard way.  

But you don’t have to and I’ll save you the time and suffering.

Fractured metacarpal

For $250/month, I'll personally oversee your training and accelerate your learning curve. 

When you sign up for this program, we will work together to transform your skills, mental game, fitness levels and general outlook on martial arts. 

Apply by emailing me and I'll send you the payment instructions (if there is an available spot).

What others think :

Outstanding and precise

I have spent more than 34 years in martial arts. Originally Karate and then Kick Boxing. For many years I have been doing Russian Systema, I’m an international instructor and travel all over the world doing seminars. Two years ago I created my own system called Homo Ludens (Playing Man) which is based on Russian Systema and also incorporates other martial arts and especially MMA which is my greatest love. The first time I had contact with MMA was in early 90’s in USA, and today I think it is the “axle” of modern martial arts. It is actually an “epicenter” of modern combat.

Mark Lajhner is my friend and coach with whom I train MMA 3 x per week privately. He has helped me tremendously, keeps me in great shape and I incorporate parts of MMA into my system. What I find very important and what keeps me coming for more is his exceptional precision as a coach, he is a professional who is on the path of continual education and constant improvement. He is sometimes rigorous and I like that.

His methodology is outstanding and precise, and Mark is constantly evolving in his knowledge and methodology. If you're interested in ground fighting, I highly recommend that you buy this instructional. You won't be disappointed.

Alexander "Alex" Kostic

Homo Ludens Martial Art

Incredible educator

Mark Lajhner is one of those rare occurrences in the world of martial arts, where an elite level athlete manages to evolve into an exceptionally good coach. I have been working in athletic performance enhancement for quite a few years and my main focus is the development of the most effective teaching methods to accelerate learning in combat athletes, so it is quite hard for me to get impressed by an instructor's teaching skills. Still, when I visited Mark's Kaizen MMA Academy and had the opportunity to train there, I was mind-blown by how incredible an educator Mark is.

He explains techniques with just the right ratio of explanation to demonstration and breaks them down to partial skills, gradually progressing from easy to hard, simple to complex, known to unknown. The result is something I have rarely seen in my twenty five years of martial arts training: all the students seem to absorb the knowledge and get his point simultaneously!

If you want to build your MMA game on a solid basis that allows you to constantly improve, I'd say you can't do better than train with Mark in person, in the Kaizen MMA Academy or in one of his summer camps. If this is not an option, his instructional DVDs is the next best thing. You will be surprised by how good you can be in the MMA game - I guarantee that!

Spyro Katsigiannis

Such a well thought-out training

Mark is, in my opinion, definitely one of the best coaches in Serbia generally, not just in martial arts. I haven't gone to other clubs except Kaizen MMA, but I went to many kickboxing clubs in Belgrade, Kraljevo and Kragujevac - and I also visited several Boxing and Karate clubs in various cities in Serbia, but never have I met such a well thought-out training like I did in Mark's academy. At least not in Serbia.

What I really like is the methodology and logic of training, Mark's continuous development and improvement of his own coaching/didactic/pedagogical abilities, and indeed this is not often the case in our region. Many of the things I learned from Mark I apply to coaching in my academy in Basel, because his method of transferring knowledge and skills may be easily and successfully applied to other martial arts as well.

Aleksandar Avram
Basel, Switzerland

Optima Sportsclub

Knowledgeable and to the point

I began competing rather late, at the age of 34. Rather than physical attributes, I always emphasized skill, tactics and an open mind always ready to learn and improve. In my first MMA team, I immediately established a great cooperation, that last even today, with coach Mark Lajhner, who was also a fighter at the time. In him I recognized an expert who was knowledgeable and to the point, precise and clear, something I was aiming for. 

Mark has helped me to become one of the best Serbian MMA fighters, despite being a lot older than most competitors. He can help you too!

Dragutin "Beli" Milosevic


I'm a completely different guy after 3 years.

Edson Santiago
Brazilian diplomat

Mark has elevated my game to another level

I started my martial arts journey around 8 years ago at Mark's MMA Academy. What drew me in was the enormous MMA knowledge Mark possesses, and the seamless way he passes it on. Over the years, I have cross-trained with different coaches in various  disciplines, but found Mark's system to be easiest to understand and implement. MMA is a complex sport, and requires an extremely skilled and experienced individual to teach it the right way, which Mark definitely is.

Working with Mark has elevated my game to another level, got me several amateur gold medals and amazing experiences. If you are looking to embark  on the martial arts journey, get fit and strong, Mark is one of the best coaches to guide you.

Marko Davitkov

Kaizen MMA Akademija

So much more than I expected!

Mark is an exceptional coach. Super sharp and technical in all aspects of MMA. I found his views and experience really important to my training. I planned on staying for a week but extended my stay for a month.
He us super sharp not just on technical training, but also on  injury prevention, safety in training, nutrition and mental side of training.

He adapted his approach to me not having trained much for a while and tailored it to what I really need. 

I'd recommend Mark to anyone. No matter what age or experience you have. Mark really revived my enthusiasm for MMA again, so I'm going to continue training. 

My experience here was exceptional and I cannot recommend Mark or his school highly enough.

Peter Savvas
Sidney, Australia

Very precise!

I found Mark by searching the internet. I'm a beginner with 6 months of Muay Thai training, and just a little bit of MMA.

I flew to Belgrade to train Muay Thai with Mark for a week, and to get a basic understanding of what MMA is.

Training was very good, not too hard, a lot of techniques and Mark as a coach is very precise. He adapted the training to my level and we did the basic things again and again, and that's great. I learned a lot this week.

I would highly recommend Mark to anyone looking to improve in martial arts.

Mira Lehtinen
Turku, Finland

            Best regards,

            Mark Lajhner

P.S. What if you don’t improve? What if online coaching doesn’t make you your best MMA self? 

It’s no accident that my proven system has helped hundreds and hundreds of men become lean and mean MMA machines. But there are always a few guys who it just doesn’t work for.

Best case scenario: You become unrecognizable in 6 months, your training partners are in awe of how much you progressed, you’re winning fights and you gain the understanding and experience of the real MMA training methodology. Either as a fighter, coach or enthusiast.

Worst case scenario: As much as I’d like, I cannot help everybody. If you feel that my program has not produced any result after one month, and you have done at least 60 minutes 3 times a week of it (drilling, not just watching it), email me and I will refund you a full 100% refund of every penny you paid with no questions asked. 

Money Back Guarantee

We will part as friends, you get to keep the videos I sent you and the knowledge from them.

But I have a feeling that will not be the case if you do the work.

I will not insult your intelligence and tell you that you will take 2 weeks or something. No, on average it will take you 6 months to massively improve using my system. If you practice more than 60 minutes 3 x week, you will improve quicker.

What if you’re already training in some club during specific hours? How can you drill practice then?

My suggestion is to ask your coach to come 30 minutes early to drill, or stay 30 minutes after training. Whatever works for you. This is what I did with my competitors. You can also drill in your garage, park (please avoid ground fighting and wrestling on hard surfaces) or wherever you can find an appropriate spot.

Just do the math: even if you just practice 3 x week for 60 minutes, that is 3 hrs/week, about 13 hrs/month, 78 hrs/6 months or 156 additional training hrs/year. All that + me guiding you personally through the process.

Don’t tell me that will not make you better.

Stop “winging” your training. Apply for coaching now.