Tyson admits rape

Mike Tyson admits he used to rape women?

According to a lawsuit filed in Albany County Court in January under the New York Adult Survivors Act, Mike Tyson is being accused of raping a woman in the early 1990s.

The victim, who wishes to remain anonymous, stated in a sworn affidavit that she and her friend were outside a New York dance club called September when they were invited to a party by Tyson and his limousine driver.

The unnamed woman alleges that when she followed Tyson into the limo alone, he began to touch and kiss her, despite her repeatedly telling him to stop. She claims Tyson then forcibly removed her pants and raped her.

Youtuber and filmmaker Jon Bravo has mentioned this in one of his latest videos, and asserted that Tyson’s previous statements can get him in trouble and be used as evidence against him in this case.

In the video Tyson can be heard talking to an unknown man in 2011, and saying:

I’m not above violating a woman, but I didn’t violate that woman.

He was referring to some other women that accused him of raping her.

The victim in this latest case is now seeking $5 million in damages for the “physical, psychological, and emotional injury” she has suffered, including depression, anxiety, violent tendencies, and drug and alcohol addiction.

She chose to file her lawsuit anonymously due to fearing being attacked by the media due to Tyson’s status as a celebrity.

Tyson was the undisputed world heavyweight champion from 1987 to 1990 and is widely considered to be one of the greatest boxers of all time. However, his personal life has been marred by legal issues and controversy.

He served three years in prison after being convicted of rape in 1992, and he has also been charged with drug possession, driving under the influence, and physical abuse.

The N.Y. Adult Survivors Act, passed in May 2022, created a “one-year lookback window” for adult survivors of sexual assault to sue their abusers, regardless of when the abuse occurred.

Tyson’s first wife, Robin Givens, accused him of being physically abusive, and in a controversial 2009 Oprah Winfrey interview, Tyson joked about ‘socking’ her.

In 1997, he also bit off a piece of Evander Holyfield’s ear during a boxing match. These legal issues, along with other controversies, have led to Tyson’s reputation being marred.

The lawsuit filed against Tyson is still pending and he has yet to publicly comment on the allegations.

It is unusual that a victim comes forth after 30 years to press charges, and it remains to be seen if the prosecution will be able to use this statement from Mike Tyson successfully against him in court.

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