Most Savage CEO: Dana White

America’s most savage CEO: Dana White

In most of our minds, the most successful entrepreneurs are people like Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates and others.

But there is a man who many agree was instrumental in the rise of the UFC and MMA, that possesses savage entrepreneurial instincts unrivaled by most CEOs – Dana White.

He is the type of man that you either love or you hate. Many people fall into the latter category, especially after the recent incident where the cameras caught him slapping his wife.

But no one can deny that he is highly effective as a CEO.

The UFC went from bankruptcy to billion-dollar-empire in the span of two decades. While Dana White has been at the forefront of the business, several men have been making important moves in his shadow. The rise of the UFC certainly is one of America’s most controversial success stories.

Watch this short documentary from Patrick Gavia as he explains Dana White’s indispensable role in the rise of UFC and MMA.

In the documentary you will learn about:

– How the mob tried to extort Dana White, and how that led to him ending up working for the UFC.

– How UFC was bought from previous owners and what new owners did differently to grow it.

– Why UFC very nearly failed and went bankrupt under the new ownership, and one thing that saved them and turned everything around to become a multi-billion dollar empire.

– Why UFC and MMA are universally popular all over the world, unlike other sports.

– What makes Dana White such a successful CEO, even though he wasn’t born rich.

– And much much more…

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