Shocking autopsy details of ex UFC fighter Phil Baroni murder case

Ex UFC fighter Phil Baroni was charged with murdering his girlfriend in Mexico on January the 1st 2023. Baroni could face 30 to 50 years in prison if convicted, will remain at Venustiano Carranza State Jail in Tepic, Mexico until the trial begins.

Prosecutors accuse him of inflicting at least 37 injuries that resulted in her death. Baroni revealed that his girlfriend admitted cheating on him which was the cause of the initial argument.

Baroni claimed that he asked her to take a shower, and then threw her there after she refused. Then he helped her get to the bed where she requested cigarettes and beer. He said he couldn’t wake her up when he got back to the room.

The police found the victim unresponsive on a bed in the couple’s hotel room.

Filmmaker and Youtube personality Jon Bravo shares a shocking autopsy detail that makes this murder case even more terrible.

Bravo also made a video revealing the terrible conditions in Mexican jails that are run by the cartels. According to Mark Coleman, an ex training partner of Phil Baroni, he was beaten up in jail by the prison guards and is missing two teeth.

Phil Baroni had an active fighting career in 2000s, fighting in UFC, Pride, Strikeforce, Dream and even bare knuckle boxing more recently.

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