One of the most common mistakes in in combat sports training
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One of the most common mistakes in in combat sports training

Today I will show you a short and a bit monotonous video to explain one of the most common mistakes in training.

You can see Marko (33 years old) in the clip during his third boxing training. Today, for the first time, he is learning the rear hook and is doing well.

First, I had him practice stationary, and then: lead step-rear step-rotation, then go back.

In the beginning, I insist on these simple basics (movement, precise steps, rotation of the feet, hips, and shoulders, one fist protecting the face while the other one is punching, using the correct impact surface when hitting, short exhalations, etc.)…

Pay attention to those basics in the video.

Only when this is mastered can the student progress towards more complex elements.

The number 1 mistake that most students make, no matter if they’re beginners or advanced, is that they practice

The absolute fastest way to progress is to perform the elements slowly and deliberately in the beginning because in that way there is no deterioration of technique, and you will avoid the incorrect automation of movement, which is difficult to correct later.

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