Boxers showing IQ 2000

When Boxers Display 2000 Ring IQ

For those looking to hone their boxing skills, understanding the concept of ‘ring IQ’ is essential. Ring IQ refers to the ability to leverage various tactics in order to gain the upper hand in fights.

In this video from BLTV Extra we will explore various ways that professional boxers used to outsmart their opponents.

From recreating the Thriller music video to flying to the ring on a carpet like Aladdin, Naseem Hamed used his own form of intimidation to win fights.

In 2017, Wladimir Klitschko made a stunning prediction about his fight with Anthony Joshua which was surprisingly accurate, although with a twist.

Juan Manuel Marquez is discussed as a pure counter puncher and Sugar Ray Leonard is discussed as a master of shoe-shining.

Finally, Steve Collins is discussed as a fighter who used an elaborate hoax involving hypnotism to gain a mental victory over his opponent. Collins hired a world-renowned hypnotist to make him an unstoppable force, and the strategy proved to be successful. Whether the mind games were the deciding factor in Collins victory remains a mystery.

It is clear that the art of boxing involves much more than just brute force and punches. Understanding the concept of ‘ring IQ’ greatly increase a fighter’s chances of success in the ring.

Learning from fighters like Naseem Hamed, Wladimir Klitschko, Juan Manuel Marquez, Sugar Ray Leonard, and Steve Collins can provide invaluable insight into the art of boxing and the strategies used to win fights.

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