How To Deliver Devastating Low Kicks

In this video you will learn how to deliver devastating low kicks.

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    • There is BJJ in the “How To Master MMA” Course, and there will be more in the future. I don’t know Karate but maybe I can find someone who can show it in the future.

  1. How comprehensive is the bjj aspect in ur essentials mma package? is it as thorough as matt seras no gi bjj or is it just a basic beginners guide?

  2. Awesome work! I will buy the others guide for sure. I’d like to see a video of strategy to how stop an aggressive, fast and powerful opponent that use a lot of boxe combination. Thank you very much and sorry for my bad english.


  3. Hello ..
    I like your pedagogy and teaching method …
    -explicates how it is done (beomecanica) … and well explained simple and is what matters.
    – position of the hands.
    – kick variants
    -Make the isolated move with partner in drill.
    -and integrate into perfect combination sparring
    – and do in the bag.
    the best videos and the best programs I know … Congratulations

  4. Very well explained indeed. You go from isolating the how to kick mechanics, progress to heavy kicking of the bag mechanics, to partner work drills (still in isolation).

    The next step is to put 2-5 combo reflex development and fight simulation drills to see how the leg kicks fit in a larger picture of a fight. As a famous coach recently said, drilling is the new sparring.

    You are a good teacher and your work shows. Excellent work!

    Question: Will you be putting a program together for MMA for a street self-defense focus? There is a market for that.

    Great work. Thanks for the awesome material. I am checking out your MMA essentials.

  5. I’m really appreciate you Sir
    I like your each and every tecqunies about Mma…thank you so much for video Sr 😘😘😘

  6. Thanks coach, the tutorial was on point and very simply understood..

    Keep posting the good stuff. Your hard work is highly appreciated.

  7. Thanks Mark for your videos, your explanations are clear and cover all the little movments, twists and turns needed to be efficient, VERY helpful for a MMA beginner like myself!

  8. Very informative and helpful. Especially the details. I would’ve like to seen a clip from a fight for each kick. Especially the sweep.

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