MMA: Essential Lessons Part 2

MMA: Essential Lessons 2 is the second part of our highly popular instructional with the same name. Here is what is featured:

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What's inside:

Video 1 - Boxing

This video will teach you how to defend against the punches using picks. You will also learn how to counters off of the picks thereby turning defense into offense.


Video 2 - Muay Thai

Learn how to use several types of elbow strikes effectively.


Video 3 - Grappling

This video will cover how to do one of the most widely used submissions in MMA, grappling and BJJ - the guillotine choke. You will learn:

  • The regular guillotine,
  • Marcelotine (Marcelo Garcia's version),
  • Guillotine troubleshooting (how to get it if the opponent starts climbing with the legs or pressures with the shoulder),
  • Guillotine from side control,
  • Three versions of the mounted guillotine (standard, twisted and one-armed twisted).


Video 4 - Clinch Wrestling

This video showcases two ways of how to execute a knee block (tap) takedown from the clinch:

1) When circling.
2) When the opponent pulls backwards.


Video 5 - Ground & Pound

This video is all about ground and pound from the mounted position:

  • Mounting from side control,
  • The principle of selective tension,
  • How to compensate when the opponent bridges (bucks),
  • The importance of using the toes,
  • How to post to prevent the escape,
  • Balance drill with punches,
  • How to correctly RNC the opponent when he turns,
  • How to utilize the situational sparring in the mount.


Video 6 - Boxing Into Takedowns

Knowing how to transition from strikes to takedowns seamlessly is one of the most important skills in MMA. This video will cover:

  • Jab into a double leg,
  • Jab into a barsagar (for a south paw),
  • Knee block (tap) from punching,
  • Sukui nage off of the faint (training version),
  • Sukui nage when dealing with the opposite stance,
  • Sukui nage off of the faint (fighting version),
  • Boxing into takedowns drill.


Video 7 - Takedown Defense

In this video you will learn how to defend the high double leg (also known as the tackle). I will teach you the three lines of defense: far distance, mid distance and close distance.


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$97   $48.50

This instructional is downloadable only (size: 1.68 GB).

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