Kaizen – The Most Important Principle In MMA Training

You can improve your MMA skills immensely by using the Kaizen principle in your training. Here is what you will learn in today’s video:

1. What is the Kaizen principle?
2. World-renowned BJJ coach John Danaher’s take on Kaizen.
3. How to use Kaizen in MMA. In this segment, I will explain how I trained Judo wrong for many years, and how all that changed when I switched to MMA. How I used the Kaizen principle to improve in a very short time in MMA, and how you can do it too.
4. The Borg and Kaizen. They are a fictional Star Trek villains and are connected to Kaizen in a big way. Watch the video to find out how exactly.
5. How Kaizen differs from the regular way of improving yourself.

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