My mma seminar in Prilep, Macedonia

My MMA seminar in Prilep, Macedonia

Recently I drove to Prilep, Macedonia and held an MMA seminar in Maksam Fight Team.
Here is a summary of what we did in the seminar. You will see the technical demonstrations and not full explanations of the techniques.

Fist part of the seminar:

– Slips
– Double leg entry after slipping
– Double leg after the jab
– Double leg after a combo
– Double leg after catching a low kick
– Knees from Thai clinch
– Thai clinch defense

Second part of the seminar:

– Defense against judo throws
– Escaping the clinch
– Mount: how to release the hold
– How to strike in mount
– RNC after the roll from mount
– Options from sprawl-on-hip position

I also engaged in a friendly sparring sessions with the participants of the seminar.
Seminars can be tailored to the needs of the host, and this is what we did here.

The host of the seminar had specific situations he was interested in and I showed the solutions to those situations.

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