How to Quickly Finish an MMA Fight With a Heel Hook

Here is a surprise attack that can end a fight quickly:

It’s the reverse heel hook from standing back control (SBC).

SBC is a position common in MMA and you can end up in it in many ways.

Maybe your opponent tried to get to his feet while still having you on his back without hooks in. Maybe you ducked under him, maybe he tried a spinning back fist or spinning back kick and you caught his back.

Whatever it may be, this position is common in MMA and it usually happens that the back taker knees the legs of a back takee and tries to put him back on the ground.

And this is exactly what the opponent expects.

But, what if we did something unexpected? Something that can end the fight instantly leaving your opponent bewildered because he didn’t have time to react. This technique is just that. A sneaky and surprising attack.

Be very careful when you practice heel hooks. They are dangerous and the reverse heel hook is even more dangerous than the regular heel hook. When sparring, just catch the heel hook, hold it and don’t jerk it. If you see that the opponent cannot escape your tight hold after a few seconds let it go (even if he didn’t tap).

When you spar with beginners or people that have no experience with leg locks don’t even do it.

Safety is a big concern (or it should be) for martial arts and heel hooks need to practiced in a safe way. I will discuss this at more length in one of the upcoming articles.

Try it in training and let me know how it went.

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