Boxing massage

What is a boxing massage?

Today I’ll show you how to use a boxing massage to finish off your training.

What is a boxing massage? Well, it’s pretty self-explanatory. You use (mostly) boxing techniques to massage your partner.
It is done as a relaxation method at the end of the practice. You can sometimes do this instead of stretching.

I know it sounds crazy, but it’s not. Let me show you.

You start the boxing massage by hitting his muscles and not his weak spots. So don’t hit the plexus area, stomach, chin or the throat. Just hit the muscles and it needs to feel good for your partner. You start slow and increase the power of the punch if your partner says so. He is the one dictating the power of your punches.

Punch the chest, biceps, triceps, go behind and uppercut the lats and back and hammer fist the traps. You can stab kick the calves and the hamstrings. You can also low kick the calves, hamstrings and quads. You can knee and low kick the buttocks. Circle around your partner and hit him.

There are two things to consider here: the first one is that the guy who is receiving the massage should be as relaxed as possible and communicating clearly if he wants the punches to be harder or softer. Or if he has an injured part of the body that is best avoided.

The second thing is that the puncher should practice correct technique and he can even push the pace thus making this into an exercise. Just because we call it massage doesn’t mean he should slack off, half-ass it lower his hands. No! This is another chance to practice your boxing techniques so do it correctly.

Do it for 5 minutes and then switch.

How did you like the boxing massage? Have you ever used it in training? Let me know in the youtube comments.

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