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MMA Training – How To Get Maximum Results

MMA training has always been a point of contention for those involved in it as there are many ways you can go about it. While I will not go into the methodology of MMA training in this article, I will give you 4 tips that can massively improve your results if you adhere to them.


maximize your time in the gymThis means several things:

  • Doing what the coach tells you and not something else. Being in the gym doesn’t automatically mean that you’re going to improve. What you do when you’re in the gym will make the difference.
    I’ve seen fighters strutting half-naked with bulging muscles looking tough, but not really concentrating on the task at hand. They are living a fantasy of a fighter and not the actual life of one. Don’t be that guy and follow the MMA training program that your coach has set out for you.
  • Viewing the training as a way to improve your skills and not as a place to boost your ego by always trying to dominate others or even hurting them. You’d be surprised how many fighters don’t understand this. You can improve a lot by training with weaker partners if you give yourself a task to try something new or something that is not your best weapon. That way you will make it much more interesting for you and also for them. There is a time and place for you dominating your training partners as much as you can, but it shouldn’t be done always. The goal is mastery and being prepared for the competition. Not domination at all times.



Rest and recovery are one of the most important parts of MMA training, but it is often neglected for several reasons. Young athletes often think that more training will bring them more results, when in reality that is not the case. Many fighters suffer from overtraining, and I was no different. It can lead to loss of motivation ad injury so rest and recovery should be taken seriously.

I did a separate video and article on this subject and you can find it here. But to quickly sum it up: make sure you get enough sleep, that your diet is healthy, don’t take steroids even though they help recovery, don’t drink alcohol in large quantities (or at all) and stretch after training.


Become the student of the game

If are serious about MMA, you must become a student of the game. It is not enough just to go to training and call it a day afterward. Watch fights, analyze them, run hypothetical scenarios in your head on how you would fight against some well-known fighters. What strategies and techniques would you use against them?

Don’t just watch MMA, study other combat sports as well. You don’t have to study all of them, but study the ones you are interested in the most. Watch what they do, why they do it (this is the key) and see if you can implement some of it in your MMA training.


mma sparring - don't knock each other out

This tip is similar to the first one, but it is specific to striking. While there are fighters that spar all out, and while this method can produce results, I don’t think it’s wise to do it.

Only the strongest will benefit from this system while others will be their “meat”. Even the strongest will eventually end up with brain damage and concussions which is not healthy.

MMA is dangerous enough as it is and you don’t need to make it even more dangerous. I suggest striking sparring at full speed but not with full power to the head. In our gym, we don’t hit the head with more than 10-20 percent. Sometimes less. The body and the legs can be hit harder but not 100 %.

The good thing is that more and more MMA gyms are realizing this and are sparring lightly. As I said before, the goal is mastery and competition performance, not dominance at all costs, concussions, broken noses and brain damage. You can be tough without being stupid.

Don’t forget to balance out your life with other things unrelated to MMA training which is not everything. If all you do is emphasize that segment of your life, you will get sub-par results, just like you would in MMA if you only practiced one MMA segment, for example striking. But this might be a subject for a separate video and let me know if you’d like me to make one about this subject.

How do you maximize your MMA training workouts and what do you think is most important in order to achieve maximum results in your MMA training? Let me know in the comments below.


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