MMA Essential Lessons: 8 Video Set

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What's inside:

Video 1 - Clinch Takedowns

Learn how to pummel from the clinch so you can get double underhooks and not your opponent. From there I will show you how to do 3 takedowns: bear hug, body lock, and the outside trip.

Then I will teach you the clinch takedown drill so you can effortlessly flow through these three techniques.

Video 2 - Boxing

Slips is one of the most versatile punch defense in MMA, and I will show you why. You will learn not only how to slip, but also how to counter after you slip. Whether with one punch or with combos.

You will learn how to get close to your opponent using the slips so you can either rain down heavy blows from mid-distance, or so you can go for the double leg. It's your choice. I will also show you how to spar boxing in a safe but realistic manner.

Video 3 - Grappling

We will start with side control, which is in my opinion the best dominant position for GNP. Before we learn how to punch from there (shown in Video 5), I will first tech you how to properly hold side control (weight distribution, shoulder pressure, grips).

Then we will proceed to north-south from where we will attack with the Kimura. I will show you two options that you can do if the opponent defends it. The first one is quite painful, and the second one is very surprising.

Video 4 - Muay Thai

In this section, I will teach you 3 types of low kicks: normal, "Melvin" and a sweeping low kick which you can use to take your opponent down when he "checks" your kicks.

Combinations don't have to be complex. In fact, some of the most usable ones are simple, and I will show you one just like that. Jab-low kick has served me well and I have landed it countless times. You will too once I teach you how to do it.

I will also show you how low kick sets up the high kick, and one variation of the flying knee called "Pedalada".

Video 5 - Ground & Pound

It is not easy to approach a grounded opponent so you can deliver GNP. So we will start with just that - how to step in so you don't get your lead knee hyperextended or your head up-kicked. There I will also show you BJ Penn's jump-in in case you have a really feisty opponent.

We will discuss the importance of hip pressure which is a must if you want to exert heavy top control and punches.

Then I will show you under-the-guard-pass which puts tremendous pressure on the opponent's lower back when done right. He will be glad that you passed his guard.

Once in side control, I will show you how to deliver devastating knees in case your opponent is holding tight and preventing you to do anything. Trust me, he will let go once he feels them on his ribs.

Next is my bread and butter: punches from side control. I will show you how to trap his arm and trap him in a crucifix where you can rain down punches and elbows with no defense from your opponent. This, in my opinion, is the best position for GNP.

If for whatever reason you cannot get your attacks going in side control, I will show you how to mount properly so you don't get reguarded in the process.

And lastly, I will give you guidelines for GNP sparring.

Video 6 - Thai and Puppet Master Clinch

Controlling the head of the opponent in Thai clinch is crucial if you want to win in that segment. Especially the proper hand and elbow positioning, but also how to effortlessly make yourself heavy on his neck.

You will learn how to pummel from Thai clinch and knee your opponent.

I will also teach you my Puppet Master Clinch system. I created it by combining my Judo background, wrestling, and Muay Thai clinch fighting. Judo and Thai clinch go very much hand in hand.

Why the Puppet Master name? Because you will control your opponents like puppets once you master this system.

Video 7 - Escapes from inferior positions

Escaping inferior positions is a must in MMA unless you want to get your head caved in.

In this video, I will cover some of the side control and mount escapes so you can quickly gain control of the fight and start attacking. Or at the very least, stop your opponent from progressing further.

Video 8 - Shooting takedowns

Shooting takedowns are the most frequently used takedowns in MMA. In this segment, I will show you how to perform a high double leg takedown, AKA the "tackle". Here you will learn how not to strain your back unnecessarily, but use your strength in the most economic way possible to lift your opponent high up in the air and slam him down.

I'll show you how to use a slip to get the double more easily which nicely connects to Video 2 (Boxing - slips).

Then I will teach you the easiest way to finish the double leg. No lifting required.

Lastly, I will show you how to drill these takedowns with punches so they seamlessly blend together.

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$97   $48.50

This instructional is downloadable only (size: 5.5 GB).

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