Interview with Davi Ramos

Davi Ramos, Mark Lajhner and Augusto Frota

Davi Ramos, a world renowned BJJ, Grappling and MMA athlete and Augusto Frota from Frota Team Zurich held a humanitarian BJJ seminar in Belgrade, Serbia. The seminar was great and it featured both gi and no gi BJJ techniques. I had the chance to interview him after it was over. Here is the list of topics we covered:

- Was it hard to transition from BJJ to MMA?
- What should a BJJer do to transition well to MMA?
- Does he still train in the gi and compete in gi events?
- Can we still be good in MMA if we don't train in gi? The difference between gi and no gi.
- What's next for him and are there any grappling and MMA competitions coming up?
- How does a typical day and week of training look like?

Group photo from the seminar

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