How To Do A Flying Knee In MMA (Machida Style)

In this video you will learn my most favorite way of doing a flying knee

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5 responses to “How To Do A Flying Knee In MMA (Machida Style)”

  1. Hello mma coach, I would like to see a video about
    -how to have stronger clinch or Thai plum
    -having more strong effective elbows in the Thai plum
    -how to have strong and fast kicks and punches

    Those are things if like to see and try to put to use for myself and my training partner.

    • Hi Chad,

      Thank you for the suggestions and I will shoot some of that stuff as soon as I have time.

  2. Tank you fore a nice training-instruksjone ,let me ask you we have no praktisering to dirent way too put it toogether.. but ther are dierent way o f moving around but to get flove iven if ther are som are diferente find it isiere to folov my … movenent as long dere are some suprise vs to hit the punsj korektly,……and in my aege difikult but youser som time too leran.tak you have a nise day

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