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We at MMACoach.net are dedicated to making you better in MMA and self-defense. Our maxim “train smart – than hard” is what we’re all about. Smart training methods above all else, then hard work.

One can’t exist without another, but unfortunately, we’ve seen a lot of hard workers in MMA that come up short because they were missing the most important ingredient – systematic and intelligent approach to training.

And this is where we come in. Let us be your guide through the world of Mixed Martial Arts and self defense and we will show you how to train properly, win fights, change the way you think about training and minimize your chance of injury. You will recieve tricks, tips, techniques and articles on various subjects connected to MMA. We will also feature techniques from other experts.


MMA Coach Mark Lajhner
Mark Lajhner

MMACoach.net was founded by Mark Lajhner, a long-time martial arts practitioner and a seasoned trainer. Mark Lajhner is also the founder and chief instructor of Kaizen MMA Academy in Belgrade, Serbia. He comes from Judo where he produced noticeable results and was a national team member.

He debuted in MMA in December 2005. since he had a burning desire to give MMA a try. After that, he traveled all over the world learning MMA from top experts and most notably from August Wallen (Gothenburg, Sweden) who is considered by many to be one of the world’s most renowned MMA experts.

There he also trained together with some of the best European and world fighters. He retired in May 2008. undefeated and as the best 84 kg. Serbian MMA fighter.

He also competed in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Submission Wrestling (Grappling) and Freestyle Wrestling and won many medals in those sports.
Mark Lajhner is a black belt in Judo and a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Mark’s students often describe his coaching methodology as precise, concise and no nonsense. When teaching, his goal is to provide a fun and informative experience for a student and his/hers quick absorption of knowledge by using demonstration, metaphors, attention to detail and other methods.